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Complete all tests in the section below. When all tests are complete and the status bar reaches 100%, your results will be automatically submitted to Convergys. The status of this will be displayed under Remaining Tests. In the event that your results are not automatically submitted, you can manually submit them using a link under Remaining Tests.

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Technology Statement

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This page contains two tests that will query your PC and network to obtain specific information relevant to your potential employment as a Convergys Home Agent. These tests do not query for any personal information. The information obtained will be used exclusively by Convergys to determine if your hardware and network are suitable for use within the Convergys Home Agent operating environment.

The Hardware Screener utilizes a Java Applet and a Windows executable to query hardware specific information from your computer operating system. These two components are published by Convergys. Each will open a separate confirmation dialog requesting your permission to allow them to run. The authenticity and safety of both components that comprise the Hardware Screener can be verified on these confirmation dialog boxes by confirming that the publisher is Convergys or Convergys Corp. This screener does not install any software onto your PC beyond storing the required files in a temporary location, and no modifications are made to your PC when you allow this screener to run.

The ISP and Voice Quality Test utilizes Adobe Flash and a Java Applet. Upon loading this test, you will be prompted to allow the Java Applet to run. The authenticity and safety of this test can be verified by confirming that the publisher is Ookla. This test only queries for network information and no software is installed onto your PC beyond the temporary file storage required to run the test.

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Cincinnati, Ohio
Jacksonville, Florida

1) PC Hardware Test

2) ISP and Voice Quality Test

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